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Eve's Seed: Biology, the Sexes and the Course of History

“As Marx turned Hegel upside down, so McElvaine overturns Aristotle, Marx, Freud, and even Darwin in showing us how biological and cultural evolution need no longer see men and women as opposites or unequal. Eve’s Seed is a revelation, engagingly and imaginatively written.” – Carl Degler, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian

The Great Depression: America, 1929-1941

“Frederick Lewis Allen’s Since Yesterday (1940) caught the popular elements of that grim era, but though charming, was superficial. McElvaine is thorough as well as entertaining. . . . Along with cultural aspects, which McElvaine handles superbly, he astutely reports the political unrest.” – CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER

Down and Out in the Great Depression: Letters from the "Forgotten Man"

“There’s nothing more deeply moving than reading the words and thus hearing the voices of the actual survivors of hard times. McElvaine has captured these voices as no one else ever has.” – Studs Terkel